Shortstop Branding
Shortstop is a courier logistic company, which need a boost to its branding to reach further afield, our brief required for a logo brand to stand out for other mainstream logistic companies out there that are easily recognised by is two colours and letter marks. 
After long research we sow that many start-up's or delivery services brand marks had cliché iconic box's, vans, lorries or some sort of parcel within there logo.
It was made clear in the brief that none of these symbols should be used and the logo should be black/white or lime green to be seen and noticed. There transport vehicle's should be white or lime green with the corresponding colour above that.
​​​​​​​You will find below some of the concepts that were put forward during the concept and development process phase. Once the concept was chosen we went in and refined the logo for sharpness and size variations needed.    

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Shortstop Brand Identity 
Case Study Project

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